Locus Solus

This project aims to design and create a visual book from the novel "Locus Solus" by the French novelist Raymond Roussel; it is not only an aesthetic reinterpretation of the book, but it is an exercise in an expansion of its readability through the targeted update of elements in addition to the text.

All illustrations were drawn using the automatic drawing, with indian ink and different nibs. The illustrations were segmented page by page to make that each part of the illustration to tell a story linked to the text; that segmentation reminds the rules that the novelist imposed to himself when writing the novel. The book has a hardcover.

The image is divided into small details which link the project to the particular rule used by the novelist to create and structure the text.

Below, some illustrations from the book.

At the basis of this design process, there is a careful research phase of the writing, of the author and of his creative process, of the historical-cultural period and of the artistic movement of reference.

The main difficulty of this project was to select which ideas and meanings to carry on in the "visual book", trying not to betray the goal of expanding the readability of the writing. As a consequence, several sketches were made, below, some of the preparatory sketches and notes made during the designing process.

Alessandro Riva Copyright © 2021