ReBot is a fictional company that, to help avert another environmental disaster, offers itself as a solution by providing robot repair, refurbishment and upgrading services. The project was born as a style exercise, to deepen the creation of a brand identity.
The name, ReBot, comes from the union of the words "Robot" and "Restoration", which represent the vision and the what the company deals (repair / restoration of robots). It deliberately refers to the word "Reboot", an informatic term that indicates the process of restarting a computer system.

A key element of ReBot's identity it's the organic visual sign language, structured around a mix of technical and pop language, in stark contrast to the rigorous forms of modern robots is proposed. The contrast created has the purpose of enriching the image of the company and making it more recognisable. This language it's a proposed visual language to be used to add more ReBot flavour to any content.

As company gadget it's been chosen a scarf, a wool scarf. By exploiting the amazement factor generated by the uselessness of a scarf for an inorganic object, interest in the brand and awareness is created; this works on the metaphor of the scarf as an “act of taking care", as if we were taking care of a sick friend.

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