The Bakeshop

During my period as a Intern at COMMUNE (Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan), I contribuited to the design of the brand and image of The Bakeshop. A cupcake shop in Maruyama, a fashionable district of Sapporo, Japan, The Bakeshop serves up not only beautiful cupcakes but other authentic American sweets as well. Designed with a 'kawaii' target in mind, a cute and pop design to complement the colorful cupcakes was the direct solution.
Bold black typography lies on top of fresh pastel and white backgrounds, bringing a more contemporary feel.

The logo is created using B and S out of just 2 elements, allowing the freedom to play with the letters and create various patterns. The B and S of the monogram are simplified to abstraction, so for the logotype, a whole new set of letters was created to maintain the balance. The logo looks as if each stroke were hand-piped from the cupcake frosting, giving a playful feel.

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